MURRAY YANN, born Melbourne 1962

Although not turning to Photography full-time until 1996, I have been actively pursuing this passion since my school days, when in 1977 I first pointed a camera at something with serious intentions.

This came to be as my school needed an 'unoffical photographer' to document various events and aspects of life at Carey Grammar School, and I possessed a burning desire to use a camera as often as possible. Much gratitude and fond memories are recalled about my Art School teacher who was generous enough to part with his beloved Hasselblad on more occasions than I care to think, and to remind me that 'art' was as important as sport or mathematics.

A career in engineering followed for more than a decade, during which time the camera was relegated to the back seat of the car, before 'the grip of the lens' took over once more, resulting in a change of professions (and seating arrangements for my camera) to full-time commercial photography.

My commercial work involves a wide variety of work including Government department assignments, Public relations and promotional jobs, as well as magazine and press work