Court on film

One hundred "yards" square and occupying a quarter of a city block, Melbourne's Supreme Court represents the pinnacle of justice and tradition. Built in 1884 from Tasmanian freestone and bluestone of a thoroughly Renaissance design, it is a classically impressive building.

"Court on film" is an intimate look into this building and the daily workings of our Supreme Court. Whether a close-up image of the ceremonial lace cuffs worn by judges, or a panoramic view of the domed library, this exhibition aims to show a world not often seen by those of us who are law abiding.

Exhibition dates and location

November 26th - December 13th, 2002
Owen Dixon Chambers
205 William Street, Melbourne


Thirteen fine art prints make up the exhibition, and all are available for sale in exhibition size (800x600mm image size) and half exhibition size (400x270mm image size), framed and unframed. Details found under each image.

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