As a master printer, Murray now offers a fine art exhibition printing service 'White Gloves Printing'.

Since the digital era has now embraced us all in some form or other you would think our lives should now be simpler, easier, and more fun. However any photographer who has heard of the terms Colour Management, Colour Space, Colour Profile, and so on, usually rolls their eyes back or cringes with the endless possibilities and permutations of the above-mentioned.

What I have set up here at my studio is a completely closed loop workflow, thus taking the guesswork out of the colour nightmare we often experience at large commercial bureaux.

With a properly calibrated and profiled printer and using the correct profile for the chosen paper, your files can be printed with the accuracy only achievable with such a personalised relationship between client and printer. Prints exhibit a new level of luminosity; separation in the shadow areas miraculously appears, and a general level of tonality is apparent, usually thought lost forever.

This service is primarily aimed at fine art and commercial photographers who wish for that little bit more in quality and service. We do not aim to be a large scale print lab, rather a specialist in fine printing to those who care and want the best. All standards meet museum requirements and archival methods are practiced throughout the processes.

Paper stock options are available. All are 100% cotton rag mould paper from European mills, and a wide variety of surfaces are available.

To obtain more information and a better understanding of what can be offered please contact us at your earliest convenience.